Santa’s Box Fairies is a community project were christmis presents is collected yearly for a childrens home. This year the Home Andrew Murray in Wellington Western Cape was selected.
How does this project work?
Each sponsor that gets involved will received the name of one child, with a list of specific items that this needs. The sponsor then buys the items and makes it up as a christmis present. These presents will then be dropped off at a collection point on a specific date that will be announched on 15 December 2021.
To become a sponsor please contact (071) 317-0233 or email santaboxfairies@gmail.com

House Andrew Murray Child and Youth Care Centre, a programme of BADISA Western Cape, Wellington, is a registered NPO child and youth care centre (children’s home), which provides residential care to 155 children (between the ages of 1 and 18) outside the children’s family environment in accordance with a residential care programme suited and developed for the children in the centre.

Some of the children

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